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Imagine the luxury of being able to swim laps from your very own swimming pool at home. Now imagine slipping into a luxurious spa at home. Just outside the back door, you can have an amazing temperature controlled pool and hot tub in one – the perfect space for light aquatic exercise followed by rejuvenation and allover relaxation.

Welcome to TidalFit — the answer to swimming, aquatic fitness and soothing massage in one.

What is a swim spa and how does it work?
Modern swim spas are very much like traditional swimming pools — except for a few notable differences. Much smaller than a typical pool, swim spas requires far less maintenance, which saves you time and money. If swimming laps is part of your fitness routine, a swim spa is a convenient alternative to a swimming pool as it’s equipped with a powerful current for you to swim without ever hitting the wall!

But endless swimming is just the beginning, because modern swim spas offer powerful hydro - massaging jets for complete rejuvenation and relaxation after a hard workout or anytime the mood strikes.

What’s the best way to review the features of a swim spa?
With so many exciting features and options, shopping for a swim spa can be overwhelming. The good news is, it’s easy to organize your buying experience, reviewing only those features that are likely to add value to your investment.

Start by thinking about how you plan to use the swim spa — therapy, relaxation, exercise or all of the above. Narrow available features to those that fit your long term ownership goals and spend less time searching for the perfect complement to your home.

How much do swim spas cost?
A question we see often is, "How much do swim spas cost?" While there are many different price points to fit a wide range of budgets, it’s important to note that a typical swim spa costs half that of a traditional swimming pool.

Do you ever offer your swim spas on sale?
From time to time, our vendors offer us incentives which we of course pass along to our customers. Some sales simply offer at reduced prices while others may offer complimentary accessories. We suggest you check out our specials page often to what’s on sale.

What’s the difference between an exercise spa, lap pool and swim spa?
While there are many similarities between an exercise spa, lap pool and swim spa, securing a great deal comes from understanding exactly what you are looking for and why. Swim spas as typically smaller than lap pools, but offer varied jet speeds and intensity for a customized swim workout that changes as skills improve. Swim spas also provide something lap pools do not — hydro - massage in a comfortable hot tub setting.

Are there different size swim spas?
Yes, our swim spas come is a variety of sizes. We start out with 12 ft swim spas and go up to 16 ft swim spa models.

The TidalFit exercise pool is built to the same world class quality standards that you would expect from May Manufacturing, LLC, who is renowned throughout the spa industry. Designed with an ideal combination of innovative engineering and artistry, the TidalFit is as constant in quality as it is in efficiency and design. TidalFit was recently seen on the ABC television show Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition.

Stop by one of our showrooms in Livonia, Novi, Ann Arbor, Rochester or Sterling Heights for assistance in finding the perfect swim spa, lap pool or exercise spa for your home