Outdoor Patio Furniture, Fire Pit Tables, and BBQ Grills are an investment you want to protect. For most people, theft is top of mind, but Mother Nature can have her way with your patio set as well.

Outdoor Cooking Equipment and Patio Umbrellas, Tables, Chairs, etc. are serious hazards during severe Summer storms. Securing them will keep it in your backyard and not in your neighbors living room. It will also protect against theft and vandalism.

Security experts offer the following tips for homeowners...

1. Take pictures of all outdoor belongings of any value. This includes patio furniture, grills, smokers, decorative items, toys, or anything else that could be stolen. Having photos will increase the likelihood of items being recovered or covered by insurance.

2. There are a number of DIY home security systems and home security equipment options that will work for outdoor areas, including surveillance cameras and alarms that can be attached to individual pieces of furniture that will sound if the item is moved. Just the appearance of a security camera is more likely to deter a theft or vandalism from occurring.

3. Using a chain or cable with a lock for your outdoor furniture is a good way to deter a would-be theft and stop it from becoming missile during the next storm.

4. Installing motion-activated lighting on the exterior of a house is one of the best ways to deter theft and pranksters.

5. If you're going on vacation or have enough time before a powerful storm, it's a good idea to move items indoors or in your garage. This will not only protect your investment from damage or theft, but it will also extend the life of your patio set by avoiding the elements.