First things first, no matter what, patio furniture will not last forever. That is unless, you never use sit on it, it's stored inside, away from sunlight and humidity. And that's probably not you, right?

Ok, so let's evaluate your outdoor patio furniture. Is it worth the time and energy to clean? Or should you just be replacing it this year?

The life span of your outdoor patio tables & chairs is dependent of how you store it in the winter months. Cushions should be stored inside as well as any other fabrics, like patio table umbrellas. The furniture is best stored indoors, but that's not always possible. The garage is your second best. If you are going to leave it outside, it should be covered with a tarp and tied together so it doesn't end up down the street.

Now, let's clean it!

1 Teaspoon of dish soap.
1 Teaspoon of Borax.
1 Quart Warm Water.

Pour the mixture into a spray bottle (a funnel might be handy) and apply generously to both sides of patio furniture cushions. Let the solution soak in about 15 minutes or so. With safety goggles on, blast off the mold and mildew using a garden hose.

*ALWAYS* test the underside of one cushion FIRST before the rest. For example, OxyClean might seem like a good idea, but it has a little bit of bleach in it, and may ruin your patio furniture set.